Programming tips and known problems

Known problems with messages

When a mouse is used to navigate to a new frame and the mouse is pointing within the frame title or its scroll bar, the item message or field message for the current item or field may flash on the message line.

If the evaluation of a descriptor results in a shortterm message being issued, followed by the opening of another frame, then frame or permanent messages defined in the new frame will not be displayed until another key is pressed. For example, if the done descriptor were defined as follows:

   done=`message "I'm doing something; please wait.";
        `open Text.confirm
where Text.confirm defines
   framemsg="Press CONT to continue"
then when Text.confirm opens, the message I'm doing something; please wait. will continue to be displayed. Only when another key is pressed will the frame message appear.

To avoid this, you can use the indicator command instead of the message command in the original descriptor definition. (However, you must turn off the indicator before opening the frame.) Alternatively, in the frame that is opened, the framemsg descriptor could be defined as follows"

framemsg=`message -o "Press CONT to continue"`

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