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Known problems with forms

An attempt to access a form page that has no active (inactive=true) or shown (show=false) fields causes the cursor to be positioned on the first field (inactive or ``not shown'' field) and input to the field is allowed.

Sometimes on multi-page forms the scroll indicators (^ and v) may not be shown when and after any page after the first is displayed.

If a user enters data in a one-line scrollable field, then navigates away from the frame without having pressed <ENTER>, the field is reset when the frame becomes current again.

The show, value, and inactive descriptors are not re-evaluated for a field when a SLK is pressed, unless the <ENTER> key has been pressed after the data are entered in the field.

When an application-defined SLK is pressed after a value has been entered in a field, the new value of the field is not set in the field variable (Fn) unless the <ENTER> key has also been pressed. This is particularly relevant for forms with only one field in them.

If an active form field is dynamically made to be inactive, then underlining is retained on those characters of the field that already have data entered in them.

When toggling between choices, if consecutive choices are identical, the remaining choices cannot be reached. Note that this does not occur when there are enough choices to generate a menu.

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