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Choices for a form field can be specified using the rmenu descriptor. If the value of rmenu is a list of items enclosed in brackets, there must be at least one whitespace character that separates the brackets from the item list: rmenu={ "item 1" "item 2" "item 3" }.

If a definition of the rmenu descriptor degenerates to an empty list, rmenu={}, the value of choicemsg is displayed--your definition if you have defined one, or the FMLI default message There are no choices available. If you define choicemsg and there might not be any choices, be sure the message is appropriate to the ``empty list'' case.

There must be at least one active field visible in a form. If you open a form with all fields defined as inactive, or show=FALSE, FMLI does not display the frame.

Field n in a form frame cannot reference field m, where m is greater than n, and field m does not have a value descriptor defined. That is, you cannot reference the value of a field that is defined later in the form definition file because that field may not have been evaluated at the time you reference it.

If a second or subsequent page of a form is defined to be larger than can be displayed on the terminal being used, it is not displayed at all (for example, if rows=25 is defined, and the terminal being used only has 24 rows available for display).

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