Managing the print service

Wrong character set or font

If the wrong printer type was selected when you set up the printer with the print service, the wrong ``control characters'' can be sent to the printer. The results are unpredictable and can cause output to disappear or to be illegible. The wrong control characters might cause the printer to set the wrong character set or font.

If you do not know which printer type to specify, try the following to examine the available printer types.

First, if you think the printer type has a certain name, try the following command:

tput -T printer-type longname

The output of this command is a short description of the printer identified by the printer-type. Try the names you think might be right until you find one that identifies your printer.

If you do not know what names to try, you can examine the terminfo directory to see what names are available. Because there are many names in that directory, use this command to examine the directory:

ls -R /usr/share/lib/terminfo/*

Pick names from the list that match one word or number identifying your printer. Try each of the names with the tput(1) command.

When you have the correct printer type, set it in the print service with this command:

/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p printer-name -T printer-type

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