Online Data Manager (ODM) overview and installation

Starting up from the command line

You can start VxVA from a terminal window.

To run VxVA, your PATH environment variable must contain a path to locate vxva and va_watch. If your path does not include /usr/X/bin, change your environment variable to include it.

You can verify your path by typing:

echo $PATH

If your path is incorrect, you must change it.

Once your PATH is set up correctly, you can start VxVA from a terminal window.

NOTE: You can start VxVA in demo mode or real mode. Demo mode requires no special privileges, but you must have appropriate privileges to run VxVA in real mode.

To start the Volume Manager Visual Administrator from a terminal window:

  1. Bring up a terminal window.

  2. Type:

    /sbin/tfadmin vxva

    See tfadmin(1M).

  3. To start the Volume Manager Visual Administrator in demo mode, type:

    vxva -t

Before running VxVA in demo mode for the first time, enter


It is only necessary to run this shell script once. This script creates dummy disks (for the VxVA demo mode) and a rootdg disk group for you. This script can, however, be used at any time to clean up the existing configuration and return to the default demo.

On small displays (such as those with a graphical resolution of 640 x 480), some forms may be too long to fit entirely on the screen and the buttons on the bottom of the form may not be visible. If this is the case, the window manager "move" function (<Alt>+<F7>, by default) can be used to move the view or form so all fields and buttons are visible.

Another technique that may allow these forms to fit better on a small screen is to start up VxVA by typing:

vxva -xrm "vxva*propertiesForm*marginHeight: 1"

This resource specification will cause forms to appear shorter than normal.

The system owner or root can use the next command to give the user the privilege to run VxVA.

/opt/vxvm-va/install/SetVAPrivilege user-id

where user-id is the user's login name.

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