Troubleshooting NIS

Commands hang on clients (server not responding)

The most common problem of NIS clients is for a command to hang and generate console messages such as:

   yp: server not responding for domain domainname. Still trying
Sometimes many commands begin to hang, even though the system as a whole seems normal and you can run new commands.

The message above indicates that ypbind on the local machine is unable to communicate with ypserv in the domain domainname. This happens when a machine running ypserv has crashed and ypbind is unable to find another NIS server. It may also occur if the network or NIS server is so overloaded that ypserv cannot get a response back to the client's ypbind within the timeout period.

Under these circumstances, every client on the network will experience the same or similar problems. The condition is temporary in most cases. The messages will usually go away when the NIS server reboots and restarts ypserv or when the load on the NIS server or network itself decreases.

However, commands may hang and require direct action to clear them. The following list describes the causes of such problems and gives suggestions for fixing them:

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