Appendix K. MySQL FLOSS License Exception

The MySQL AB Exception for Free/Libre and Open Source Software-only Applications Using MySQL Client Libraries (the “FLOSS Exception”).

Version 0.4, 08 September 2005

Exception Intent

We want specified Free/Libre and Open Source Software (``FLOSS'') applications to be able to use specified GPL-licensed MySQL client libraries (the ``Program'') despite the fact that not all FLOSS licenses are compatible with version 2 of the GNU General Public License (the ``GPL'').

Legal Terms and Conditions

As a special exception to the terms and conditions of version 2.0 of the GPL:

  1. You are free to distribute a Derivative Work that is formed entirely from the Program and one or more works (each, a “FLOSS Work”) licensed under one or more of the licenses listed below in section 1, as long as:

    1. You obey the GPL in all respects for the Program and the Derivative Work, except for identifiable sections of the Derivative Work which are not derived from the Program, and which can reasonably be considered independent and separate works in themselves,

    2. all identifiable sections of the Derivative Work which are not derived from the Program, and which can reasonably be considered independent and separate works in themselves,

      1. are distributed subject to one of the FLOSS licenses listed below, and

      2. the object code or executable form of those sections are accompanied by the complete corresponding machine-readable source code for those sections on the same medium and under the same FLOSS license as the corresponding object code or executable forms of those sections, and

    3. any works which are aggregated with the Program or with a Derivative Work on a volume of a storage or distribution medium in accordance with the GPL, can reasonably be considered independent and separate works in themselves which are not derivatives of either the Program, a Derivative Work or a FLOSS Work.

    If the above conditions are not met, then the Program may only be copied, modified, distributed or used under the terms and conditions of the GPL or another valid licensing option from MySQL AB.

  2. FLOSS License List

    License nameVersion(s)/Copyright Date
    Academic Free License2.0
    Apache Software License1.0/1.1/2.0
    Apple Public Source License2.0
    Artistic licenseFrom Perl 5.8.0
    BSD license"July 22 1999"
    Common Public License1.0
    GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL)2.0/2.1
    Jabber Open Source License1.0
    MIT license-
    Mozilla Public License (MPL)1.0/1.1
    Open Software License2.0
    OpenSSL license (with original SSLeay license)"2003" ("1998")
    PHP License3.0
    Python license (CNRI Python License)
    Python Software Foundation License2.1.1
    Sleepycat License"1999"
    W3C License"2001"
    X11 License"2001"
    Zlib/libpng License
    Zope Public License2.0

    Due to the many variants of some of the above licenses, we require that any version follow the 2003 version of the Free Software Foundation's Free Software Definition ( or version 1.9 of the Open Source Definition by the Open Source Initiative (

  3. Definitions

    1. Terms used, but not defined, herein shall have the meaning provided in the GPL.

    2. Derivative Work means a derivative work under copyright law.

  4. Applicability: This FLOSS Exception applies to all Programs that contain a notice placed by MySQL AB saying that the Program may be distributed under the terms of this FLOSS Exception. If you create or distribute a work which is a Derivative Work of both the Program and any other work licensed under the GPL, then this FLOSS Exception is not available for that work; thus, you must remove the FLOSS Exception notice from that work and comply with the GPL in all respects, including by retaining all GPL notices. You may choose to redistribute a copy of the Program exclusively under the terms of the GPL by removing the FLOSS Exception notice from that copy of the Program, provided that the copy has never been modified by you or any third party.

Appendix A. Qualified Libraries and Packages

The following is a non-exhaustive list of libraries and packages which are covered by the FLOSS License Exception. Please note that this appendix is provided merely as an additional service to specific FLOSS projects wishing to simplify licensing information for their users. Compliance with one of the licenses noted under the “FLOSS license list” section remains a prerequisite.

Package NameQualifying License and Version
Apache Portable Runtime (APR)Apache Software License 2.0