The Pine MUA

Getting started with Pine
        Starting Pine
                The main menu
        Getting help
        Writing a message
        Sending a message
        Listing, viewing, replying to, and forwarding messages
                Listing messages
                Viewing a message
                Replying to a message
                Forwarding a message
        Pine folders
                Organizing messages with folders
                Keeping folders clean
                Moving between folders
                Deleting a folder
                Saving a message
                Saving a message to the saved-messages folder
                Saving a message to a folder you specify
                Deleting a message
                Undeleting a message
                Expunging a message
        Using the address book
                Adding single addresses or distribution lists manually
                Taking single addresses
                Taking multiple addresses to build a distribution list
                Changing a single address or a distribution list
                Using address book entries when composing email
        Printing messages
                Printing an email message
                Pine's printing options
                Advanced features
        Quitting Pine

Pine screens and modes
        Message text screen and commands
        Compose message screen and commands
                Control keys in the header
        Folder index screen and commands
        Folder list screen and commands
                Search for a word in a folder name
                View folder and folder index
                Folder list: three modes
        Address book screen and commands
                Compose from address book
                Address book from compose
                Deleting and distribution lists
                Lists in the address book
        Setup and configuration screens

Pine commands
        Message handling
                Export and save commands
                Take address command
                Reply and forward commands
                Bounce command
                View/Save attachment command
                Flag command
                Selecting messages for aggregate operations
                Apply and zoom commands
        Message composition
                Justify command
                Mark, cut and paste commands
                Read file command
                Attach file command
                Postpone message command
                Spell check command
                Rich headers command
        Miscellaneous commands
                WhereIs command
                Full headers toggle command
                Sort command
                Expunge/exclude command
                Next interesting message command
                Jump to message command
                Goto folder command

Pine information pages
        Pine and alternate character sets
        Syntax for IMAP folders and collections
                Syntax for folders
                Syntax for collections