Network driver configuration notes

3Com 3C507 EtherLink 16 ISA series adapters

3Com 3C509 EtherLink III ISA series adapters

3Com 3C523 MCA series adapters

3Com 3C529 EtherLink III MCA adapters

3Com 3C579 EtherLink III EISA adapters

3Com 3C59X EtherLink III EISA series adapters

3Com 3C59X EtherLink PCI series adapters

3Com 3C90X EtherLink XL PCI series adapters

AMD PCNet PCI adapters

COMPAQ NetFlex-2 EISA adapters

COMPAQ NetFlex-3 EISA adapters

COMPAQ NetFlex-3 PCI adapters

DEC FDDIcontroller EISA adapters

DEC FDDIcontroller PCI adapters

DIVA Pro 2.0 ISA Adapter

DIVA Pro 2.0 PCI Adapter

Digital EtherWORKS 3 Turbo ISA adapters

Digital EtherWORKS PCI adapters

Digital EtherWORKS Turbo EISA adapters

Digital Fast EtherWORKS PCI 10/100 adapters

Digital Semiconductor Corporation

Eagle NE2000 series adapters

IBM LAN Adapter for Ethernet (NE2000 compatible)

IBM LANStreamer Family Adapter

IBM PS/2 Adapter/A (WD8003E/A and SMC8013E/A compatible) for Ethernet

IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter Series (Shared RAM)

IBM Token-Ring PCI Family Adapter Driver

Intel Pro100B PCI adapters (DDI7)

Intel Pro100B PCI adapters (DDI8)

Intel(R) PRO/1000 Server Adapters (DDI7)

Intel(R) PRO/1000 Server Adapters (DDI8)

Matrox PCI Adapters

Microdyne NE2000 series and compatibles

NSC NE2000plus InfoMover

Network driver configuration notes

Novell NE2000 series adapters

Osicom PCI Adapters

SMC 8216 Ultra ISA adapters

SMC 8416 EtherEZ ISA adapters

SMC 9432TX EtherPowerII 10/100Mbps PCI adapter

SMC EtherPower PCI Ethernet Adapters

SMC/Western Digital 8003 ISA series adapters

SMC/Western Digital 8003/8013 series MCA adapters

SMC/Western Digital 8013 series ISA adapters

SysKonnect FDDI PCI Adapter