Adding and configuring modems

Modem settings

Modem settings will only appear if the selected modem supports the feature. Changing a setting may stop the modem from operating in a correct manner until the settings are restored.

The ``Modem Settings'' screen contains the standard modem settings. The ``Advanced Modem Settings'' screen is accessible from the Advanced... button on the ``Modem Settings'' screen.

The settings available from the ``Modem Settings'' screen:

Some modems (mainly ISDN) support more than one on the wire protocol. The options are vendor specific.

Speaker Mode
Controls when the speaker is active. The options are during dialing, dialing and setup, or on continuously.

Speaker Volume
The options are low, medium and high.

Flow Control
The options are hardware, software or none. It is advised to leave this on hardware unless the modem vendor states otherwise.

Modem to modem compression.

Error Control
Modem to modem error control. The options are forced, cellular, cellular forced.

Speed Negotiation
Modem to modem speed negotiation.
The settings available from the ``Advanced Modem Settings'' screen:

Number of rings before an incoming call is answered.

Inactivity Timeout
Number of seconds before an inactive connection is dropped. The default is 0 (off).

Call Setup Fail Timeout
Number of seconds to allow for modem to modem setup before the connection is declared as a failure. The default is 0 (off).

Tone or pulse dialing.

Dialing blind allows the modem to dial the other phone number without waiting for a dial tone.

Phone line modulation protocols. The options are CCITT, BELL and CCITT V23.

To set modem settings:

  1. Select the modem.

  2. Click on Modem -> Settings -> Modem....

  3. Change the modem settings.

  4. Click on OK to commit the changes. The defaults for the modem can be restored by clicking on Defaults.

You can also reach the Modem Settings screen by clicking on Modems -> Modify. Click on Configure modem.

NOTE: Changing settings even on a certified modem may render the modem temporarily inoperable. Changing the settings may also make negotiations with the other modems fail as the modem is less flexible. The phone line conditions will affect what settings work. Set them appropriately for the line type supplied by your telecommunications company.

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