Hardware configuration overview

Before calling for help

If your problem is not discussed in ``Identifying the problem'' and you cannot isolate the problem, call your support provider for help. Before calling, however, print the trouble report forms from this online topic and make a copy of the installation checklist from the printed Getting Started Guide. Then, write down the critical information about your system, including a description of your problem and system configuration, so that the support personnel can analyze your problem quickly.

A description of the problem

Write down a complete description of your problem, including the precise series of commands or steps that you took that led to the problem. Include the exact text of any error messages displayed.

Problem description
(Include steps that led to the problem and error messages, if applicable.)

System configuration

Knowing the hardware and software configuration of your system is vital to a correct diagnosis of your problem. If this information is readily available when you speak to your support provider, the diagnostic process is much easier and less time-consuming. Make sure that you list all the hardware components, including brand names and model numbers, when you fill out the hardware configuration trouble report worksheet. On the software configuration worksheet, check the UnixWare 7 product that is installed, the installed components (if a subset of the UnixWare 7 system is installed), any additional SCO products, and list all applications and non-SCO device drivers that you installed.

Hardware configuration
Component Brand name Model
Processor type    
Processor speed    
Memory size    
Bus interface (PCI, ISA, MCA, EISA)    
Floppy drive(s)    
Video adapter    
Video mode    
Hard disk(s)    
Disk Controller or Host adapter    
Tape drive/Controller    
Network adapter    
Serial adapter    
Other device(s)    

Software configuration: System profile Release Number
[] License-Based Defaults  
[] Small Footprint Server  
[] Full (All Packages)  
[] Custom Configuration  

If you have added or removed services and packages from your
profile, list the changes here.

Software configuration: Additional SCO Products (for example: License Packs, Tarantella, Development Kits, etc.) Release Number

Software configuration: Additional Applications
Product name Release number

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