Testing and debugging HBA drivers

Running the hbacert tests

After the hbacert test and certification suites are installed, you can run them as follows:

  1. Log in using the login name specified during installation (hbacert by default).

  2. The test menu should be displayed automatically. If it is not, or if you exit the menu and later want to return to it, enter the run_tests command from a terminal window to display the menu.

  3. Select the Configure tests menu option, select the test(s) to be configured, and populate the parameters as they are displayed. The parameters for each test are described on the hbacert manual page.

  4. Return to the menu and select the Run tests menu option. Select the test(s) to be run.

  5. You will be prompted for anything else that is required.

  6. When the tests are complete, select the Gather results menu option.

  7. After the results are gathered, select the View saved results menu option. Enter the name of the test for which you want to view the results, or press <Enter> to view all results.

The tests can also be run individually from the command line, using the RUN_* command provided in each test directory. For example, the file /home/username/testsuites/cdrom/RUN_CD (where username is the login name you supplied when installing the hbacert package -- hbacert by default) runs the cdrom tests.

See ``Individual test descriptions'' for more information on each of the tests.

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