Creating help files for network driver configuration

Template and sample files

This topic includes templates and sample HTML files. To use them, save the appropriate files using your browser's Save Frame function or copy them to a work area from the /usr/lib/scohelp/en_US.ISO8859-1/HDK_mdi directory. To view the comments and HTML structure, use your browser's Frame Source function.

Use the following templates for the appropriate supported bus architecture:

They include mandatory and optional elements appropriate to a variety of driver types.

NOTE: Because the templates include a superset of help file elements and configuration parameters, be sure to remove any elements not appropriate to your driver if you use the templates.

In addition, the following sample HTML files illustrate how each template might be adapted for drivers operating on the corresponding bus types:

Copy a bus-specific template and adapt it for your driver. You may use the structure and content of these files freely, altering them as appropriate within the limits of the guidelines discussed below. However, except where the descriptions in these files does not accurately reflect the behavior of your driver, we recommend that the organization and language be left intact as much as possible; this helps ensure stylistic consistency and hence usability for customers.

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