Configuring SCO OpenServer 5 MDI drivers

Configuring SCO OpenServer 5 MDI drivers

SCO OpenServer 5 MDI drivers are configured with the Network Configuration Manager, which uses a Network Driver Software Package (NDSP) that includes the standard DSP files such as Driver.o, Master, and System, plus additional files that provide configuration information to the network driver installation and configuration framework.

The information in this chapter supplements the information in:

The MDI-specific files that are included in the NDSP are:

Adapter Options File(s) (AOF)
describes an adapter class and define the configurable parameters that are used by drivers in that class. The AOFs are located in the AOF subdirectory of the directory that contains the driver DSP. These files can be given any sensible name; if the driver has a single AOF file, it is usually named to match the driver name that is specified in the Master and System files. If there are multiple files, other names can be used. For example, the shrk driver includes the osi2300, shrk, and snapper AOF files.

lkcfg shell script
obtains the network driver configuration that is selected by the user and handles link kit configuration and any special-case setup that is required such as calling download utilities. The lkcfg script is customized for each driver and included in the directory with the driver DSP.

Optional acfg binary
detects network driver configuration information for ISA bus adapters and may write configurations back to the devices NVRAM. The acfg binary is generated from the acfg source and Makefile to the driver's DSP directory.

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