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Atomic locks

Atomic locks are synchronization primitives that are used to ensure that basic arithmetic and bit operations are executed without preemption.

DDI atomic locks

The following atomic lock functions and structures are supported in DDI version 6 and later versions:

definition of atomic_int structure

allocate an atomic_int object

initialize an atomic_int object

add to an atomic_int value

subtract from an atomic_int value

increment an atomic_int structure

decrement an atomic_int value

read value stored within an atomic_int object

write value into an atomic_int object

free an atomic_int object

The atomicity properties of ATOMIC_INT objects are strictly limited to a single object. Drivers should be careful not to assume any ordering of operations between two instances of ATOMIC_INT objects, or between these objects and objects whose access patterns are serialized by means of locks, unless such ordering is explicitly arranged for in the driver through use of locks. In particular, drivers should not assume that arbitrary writes will be observed in any particular order by another engine.

For any single ATOMIC_INT object, the following operations on that object are serialized: ATOMIC_INT_ADD(D3), ATOMIC_INT_DECR(D3), ATOMIC_INT_INCR(D3), ATOMIC_INT_READ(D3), ATOMIC_INT_SUB(D3), and ATOMIC_INT_WRITE(D3). This means that the results of a set of these operations on multiple engines will appear as though they had occurred in some specific order on a single engine.

ODDI atomic locks

SCO OpenServer 5 atomic locking functions are documented on the atomic(D3oddi) manual page. The SCO OpenServer 5 atomic locks are a set of functions whose names determine the operation and size of the arguments. The following tables show the full set of SCO OpenServer 5 quick lock functions:

Quick locks with two parameters -- qaddl(void*,long)

Operation long ulong int uint short ushort char uchar
addition qaddl qaddul qaddi qaddui qaddw qadduw qaddb qaddub
subtraction qsubl qsubul qsubi qsubui qsubw qsubuw qsubb qsubub
and qandl qandul qandi qandui qandw qanduw qandb qandub
exchange qxchgl qxchgul qxchgi qxchgui qxchgw qxchguw qxchgb qxchgub
or qorl qorul qori qorui qorw qoruw qorb qorub

Quick locks with one parameter --qincl(void*)

Operation long ulong int uint short ushort char uchar
increment qincl qincul qinci qincui qincw qincuw qincb qincub
decrement qdecl qdecul qdeci qdecui qdecw qdecuw qdecb qdecub
zero qzerol qzeroul qzeroi qzeroui qzerow qzerouw qzerob qzeroub

Bit test/set locks

Operation long ulong int uint short ushort char uchar
bit test/set qbtsl qbtsul qbtsi qbtsui -- -- -- --

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