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Customizing the format and contents of the pkginfo display

pkginfo(1) displays information in three formats: short (default), extracted, or long.

The short format shows only the category, package abbreviation, and full package name. It presents one line of information per package.

The following pkginfo options specify the format of the display:

displays packages based on their category membership

displays only completely installed packages

-l (long)
displays a long format showing all of the available information about a package

displays only partially installed packages

-x (extracted)
displays the package abbreviation, package name, package architecture (if available), and package version (if available)

NOTE: If pkginfo(1) is used to get information on set member packages located on tape media, all options are allowed because the information is readily available on the tape. In the case of disks, if the SIP and each of its member packages are on separate disks, not all information about set member packages is available. In this case, pkginfo only displays a short listing.

Sample long listing from pkginfo

This example is the result of the command pkginfo -l lp:

      PKGINST:  lp
         NAME:  Printer Support
     CATEGORY:  system
         ARCH:  386
      VERSION:  4.1
       VENDOR:  USL
       PSTAMP:  4.1 02/17/92
     INSTDATE:  Feb 18 1992 07:52
       STATUS:  completely installed
        FILES:    386 installed pathnames
                   28 shared pathnames
                    6 linked files
                   41 directories
                   31 executables
                   11 setuid/setgid executables
                 2661 blocks used (approx)

Sample extracted listing from pkginfo

This example is the result of the command pkginfo -x lp dfs:

   dfs             Distributed Filesystem Utilities
                   (386) 4.1
   lp              Printer Support
                   (386) 4.1
See the pkginfo(4) manual page for complete details on these fields.
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