Performing basic system monitoring and tuning

Using the System Tuner

The System Tuner is the preferred method for changing system tunable parameters (see ``Tunable parameters'' ). They are divided into categories you can view by clicking on the category button at the top of the window. To see a description of any parameter, click on the parameter. A description appears in the text box in the window.

NOTE: The System Tuner modifies ``kernel parameters'' - not to be confused with networking parameters (which are modified using the inconfig(1Mtcp) utility.) Kernel parameters are easy to recognize because they are always capitalized (for example: MAXUP).

The System Tuner is accessible from the System folder of the scoadmin(1M) launcher, or by entering scoadmin system tun on the command line. To change a parameter:

  1. If the tunable parameter you want to modify is not shown in the current set of parameters, click on the category button and select the appropriate category.

  2. Once the tunable parameter you want to change is displayed, click in the text box next to the parameter name. A description of the parameter appears to the right.

  3. To change the value of the tunable parameter, either enter the new value or move the slider bar near the bottom of the window until the desired value is displayed. You can also click on auto (if available) to have the system select the value automatically.

  4. Use these buttons to control your selections:

    resets values for all parameters changed since the last save

    Reset to Factory
    resets values to those that were set when the system was installed

    discards the changes you have made

    saves your settings (and proceeds to the next step)

  5. You are prompted to rebuild the kernel to incorporate the new tunable values: choose ``Yes'' to rebuild it now or ``No'' to rebuild it the next time you reboot. If you rebuild the kernel, any errors encountered are recorded in the /tmp/kernel_status file.

  6. You are prompted to to reboot now (new parameters do not take effect until you reboot.) If you select ``Yes'', the system is rebooted immediately. If ``No'', you continue with the old tunables in effect until the next reboot.

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