Administering systems

Keeping a system log

We recommend you keep a hardcopy log of the initial system configuration, all system modifications, and system events. Each event, message, backup, or modification should be logged along with the date, time, name of the person logging, and the circumstances surrounding the event. For example, if a new application is added to the system software, an entry should be placed in the log. This entry should include the time, date, and name of the person installing the application, and any notes about the software or installation that may be helpful. An accurate log helps in diagnosing system problems and charting the growth and use of a system.

NOTE: Keep a copy of your installation checklists in the log book. See ``Installation checklists'' in the Getting Started Guide.

All tasks are presented from a system administrator's point of view, but many can also be accomplished by ordinary users. Because some of the tasks dramatically change the system's operation, we recommend that, whenever possible, the system administrator perform these tasks. However, no matter who performs an operation, it should be entered in the system log. Following these rules can prevent unwanted or unnecessary changes to the system.

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