Administering filesystems

Adding or modifying share configuration

In the Filesystem Manager, select Share -> NFS -> Add Share Configuration or Share -> NFS -> Modify Share Configuration.

  1. If you are adding a new configuration, choose a directory to grant permissions for, either by entering its name or by using the Select button to bring up the directory selection dialog.

  2. Use the ``Read-only Clients'' and ``Read-write Clients'' fields to specify the systems that are allowed read-only and read-write access: All systems, Selected systems, or None.

    If you choose Selected systems, press Select and:

    Click on OK when finished modifying the selected clients.

  3. You can access these options clicking on Advanced Options:

    Writes to filesystem
    Select Synchronous if you want processes to wait until writes have been serviced - otherwise use Asynchronous.

    Secure authentication
    If Yes, clients must use the AUTH_DES authentication of RPC. If No, AUTH_UNIX authentication is the default. See ``Secure RPC overview'' for more information.

    Anonymous Access
    Select Allowed if you wish to permit access from unidentified systems.

    Anonymous User ID
    Enter the user ID you wish to have associated with anonymous access.

  4. Click on OK to save the configuration.

NOTE: If you manually enter a client name, you should enter it as a fully qualified name, for example: nairobi.sco.COM. If you do not use the fully qualified domain name, the Filesystem Manager attempts to expand the name for you. However, this expansion fails if the same machine name exists in multiple subnets in your domain (such as nairobi.sco.COM and nairobi.engr.sco.COM. In this case, you must enter the fully qualified name.

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