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 GNU `gettext' utilities
 This manual documents the GNU gettext tools and the GNU libintl library,
 version 0.16.1.


* Introduction                Introduction
* Users                       The User's View
* PO Files                    The Format of PO Files
* Sources                     Preparing Program Sources
* Template                    Making the PO Template File
* Creating                    Creating a New PO File
* Updating                    Updating Existing PO Files
* Editing                     Editing PO Files
* Manipulating                Manipulating PO Files
* Binaries                    Producing Binary MO Files
* Programmers                 The Programmer's View
* Translators                 The Translator's View
* Maintainers                 The Maintainer's View
* Installers                  The Installer's and Distributor's View
* Programming Languages       Other Programming Languages
* Conclusion                  Concluding Remarks
* Language Codes              ISO 639 language codes
* Country Codes               ISO 3166 country codes
* Licenses                    Licenses
* Program Index               Index of Programs
* Option Index                Index of Command-Line Options
* Variable Index              Index of Environment Variables
* PO Mode Index               Index of Emacs PO Mode Commands
* Autoconf Macro Index        Index of Autoconf Macros
* Index                       General Index
  --- The Detailed Node Listing ---
* Why                         The Purpose of GNU `gettext'
* Concepts                    I18n, L10n, and Such
* Aspects                     Aspects in Native Language Support
* Files                       Files Conveying Translations
* Overview                    Overview of GNU `gettext'
 The User's View
* Matrix                      The Current `ABOUT-NLS' Matrix
* End Users                   Magic for End Users
 Preparing Program Sources
* Importing                   Importing the `gettext' declaration
* Triggering                  Triggering `gettext' Operations
* Preparing Strings           Preparing Translatable Strings
* Mark Keywords               How Marks Appear in Sources
* Marking                     Marking Translatable Strings
* c-format Flag               Telling something about the following string
* Special cases               Special Cases of Translatable Strings
* Names                       Marking Proper Names for Translation
* Libraries                   Preparing Library Sources
 Making the PO Template File
* xgettext Invocation         Invoking the `xgettext' Program
 Creating a New PO File
* msginit Invocation          Invoking the `msginit' Program
* Header Entry                Filling in the Header Entry
 Updating Existing PO Files
* msgmerge Invocation         Invoking the `msgmerge' Program
 Editing PO Files
* KBabel                      KDE's PO File Editor
* Gtranslator                 GNOME's PO File Editor
* PO Mode                     Emacs's PO File Editor
 Emacs's PO File Editor
* Installation                Completing GNU `gettext' Installation
* Main PO Commands            Main Commands
* Entry Positioning           Entry Positioning
* Normalizing                 Normalizing Strings in Entries
* Translated Entries          Translated Entries
* Fuzzy Entries               Fuzzy Entries
* Untranslated Entries        Untranslated Entries
* Obsolete Entries            Obsolete Entries
* Modifying Translations      Modifying Translations
* Modifying Comments          Modifying Comments
* Subedit                     Mode for Editing Translations
* C Sources Context           C Sources Context
* Auxiliary                   Consulting Auxiliary PO Files
* Compendium                  Using Translation Compendia
 Using Translation Compendia
* Creating Compendia          Merging translations for later use
* Using Compendia             Using older translations if they fit
 Manipulating PO Files
* msgcat Invocation           Invoking the `msgcat' Program
* msgconv Invocation          Invoking the `msgconv' Program
* msggrep Invocation          Invoking the `msggrep' Program
* msgfilter Invocation        Invoking the `msgfilter' Program
* msguniq Invocation          Invoking the `msguniq' Program
* msgcomm Invocation          Invoking the `msgcomm' Program
* msgcmp Invocation           Invoking the `msgcmp' Program
* msgattrib Invocation        Invoking the `msgattrib' Program
* msgen Invocation            Invoking the `msgen' Program
* msgexec Invocation          Invoking the `msgexec' Program
* libgettextpo                Writing your own programs that process PO files
 Producing Binary MO Files
* msgfmt Invocation           Invoking the `msgfmt' Program
* msgunfmt Invocation         Invoking the `msgunfmt' Program
* MO Files                    The Format of GNU MO Files
 The Programmer's View
* catgets                     About `catgets'
* gettext                     About `gettext'
* Comparison                  Comparing the two interfaces
* Using libintl.a             Using libintl.a in own programs
* gettext grok                Being a `gettext' grok
* Temp Programmers            Temporary Notes for the Programmers Chapter
 About `catgets'
* Interface to catgets        The interface
* Problems with catgets       Problems with the `catgets' interface?!
 About `gettext'
* Interface to gettext        The interface
* Ambiguities                 Solving ambiguities
* Locating Catalogs           Locating message catalog files
* Charset conversion          How to request conversion to Unicode
* Contexts                    Solving ambiguities in GUI programs
* Plural forms                Additional functions for handling plurals
* Optimized gettext           Optimization of the *gettext functions
 Temporary Notes for the Programmers Chapter
* Temp Implementations        Temporary - Two Possible Implementations
* Temp catgets                Temporary - About `catgets'
* Temp WSI                    Temporary - Why a single implementation
* Temp Notes                  Temporary - Notes
 The Translator's View
* Trans Intro 0               Introduction 0
* Trans Intro 1               Introduction 1
* Discussions                 Discussions
* Organization                Organization
* Information Flow            Information Flow
* Prioritizing messages       How to find which messages to translate first
* Central Coordination        Central Coordination
* National Teams              National Teams
* Mailing Lists               Mailing Lists
 National Teams
* Sub-Cultures                Sub-Cultures
* Organizational Ideas        Organizational Ideas
 The Maintainer's View
* Flat and Non-Flat           Flat or Non-Flat Directory Structures
* Prerequisites               Prerequisite Works
* gettextize Invocation       Invoking the `gettextize' Program
* Adjusting Files             Files You Must Create or Alter
* autoconf macros             Autoconf macros for use in `'
* CVS Issues                  Integrating with CVS
* Release Management          Creating a Distribution Tarball
 Files You Must Create or Alter
* po/              `' in `po/'
* po/LINGUAS                  `LINGUAS' in `po/'
* po/Makevars                 `Makevars' in `po/'
* po/Rules-*                  Extending `Makefile' in `po/'
*                `' at top level
* config.guess                `config.guess', `config.sub' at top level
* mkinstalldirs               `mkinstalldirs' at top level
* aclocal                     `aclocal.m4' at top level
* acconfig                    `acconfig.h' at top level
*                 `' at top level
* Makefile                    `' at top level
* src/Makefile                `' in `src/'
* lib/gettext.h               `gettext.h' in `lib/'
 Autoconf macros for use in `'
* AM_GNU_GETTEXT              AM_GNU_GETTEXT in `gettext.m4'
* AM_GNU_GETTEXT_NEED         AM_GNU_GETTEXT_NEED in `gettext.m4'
* AM_PO_SUBDIRS               AM_PO_SUBDIRS in `po.m4'
* AM_ICONV                    AM_ICONV in `iconv.m4'
 Integrating with CVS
* Distributed CVS             Avoiding version mismatch in distributed development
* Files under CVS             Files to put under CVS version control
* autopoint Invocation        Invoking the `autopoint' Program
 Other Programming Languages
* Language Implementors       The Language Implementor's View
* Programmers for other Languages  The Programmer's View
* Translators for other Languages  The Translator's View
* Maintainers for other Languages  The Maintainer's View
* List of Programming Languages  Individual Programming Languages
* List of Data Formats        Internationalizable Data
 The Translator's View
* c-format                    C Format Strings
* objc-format                 Objective C Format Strings
* sh-format                   Shell Format Strings
* python-format               Python Format Strings
* lisp-format                 Lisp Format Strings
* elisp-format                Emacs Lisp Format Strings
* librep-format               librep Format Strings
* scheme-format               Scheme Format Strings
* smalltalk-format            Smalltalk Format Strings
* java-format                 Java Format Strings
* csharp-format               C# Format Strings
* awk-format                  awk Format Strings
* object-pascal-format        Object Pascal Format Strings
* ycp-format                  YCP Format Strings
* tcl-format                  Tcl Format Strings
* perl-format                 Perl Format Strings
* php-format                  PHP Format Strings
* gcc-internal-format         GCC internal Format Strings
* qt-format                   Qt Format Strings
* boost-format                Boost Format Strings
 Individual Programming Languages
* C                           C, C++, Objective C
* sh                          sh - Shell Script
* bash                        bash - Bourne-Again Shell Script
* Python                      Python
* Common Lisp                 GNU clisp - Common Lisp
* clisp C                     GNU clisp C sources
* Emacs Lisp                  Emacs Lisp
* librep                      librep
* Scheme                      GNU guile - Scheme
* Smalltalk                   GNU Smalltalk
* Java                        Java
* C#                          C#
* gawk                        GNU awk
* Pascal                      Pascal - Free Pascal Compiler
* wxWidgets                   wxWidgets library
* YCP                         YCP - YaST2 scripting language
* Tcl                         Tcl - Tk's scripting language
* Perl                        Perl
* PHP                         PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
* Pike                        Pike
* GCC-source                  GNU Compiler Collection sources
 sh - Shell Script
* Preparing Shell Scripts     Preparing Shell Scripts for Internationalization
*                  Contents of `'
* gettext Invocation          Invoking the `gettext' program
* ngettext Invocation         Invoking the `ngettext' program
* envsubst Invocation         Invoking the `envsubst' program
* eval_gettext Invocation     Invoking the `eval_gettext' function
* eval_ngettext Invocation    Invoking the `eval_ngettext' function
* General Problems            General Problems Parsing Perl Code
* Default Keywords            Which Keywords Will xgettext Look For?
* Special Keywords            How to Extract Hash Keys
* Quote-like Expressions      What are Strings And Quote-like Expressions?
* Interpolation I             Invalid String Interpolation
* Interpolation II            Valid String Interpolation
* Parentheses                 When To Use Parentheses
* Long Lines                  How To Grok with Long Lines
* Perl Pitfalls               Bugs, Pitfalls, and Things That Do Not Work
 Internationalizable Data
* POT                         POT - Portable Object Template
* RST                         Resource String Table
* Glade                       Glade - GNOME user interface description
 Concluding Remarks
* History                     History of GNU `gettext'
* References                  Related Readings
 Language Codes
* Usual Language Codes        Two-letter ISO 639 language codes
* Rare Language Codes         Three-letter ISO 639 language codes
* GNU GPL                     GNU General Public License
* GNU LGPL                    GNU Lesser General Public License
* GNU FDL                     GNU Free Documentation License
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